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Trials HD voted best XBLA game of 2009


For the third year in a row, Microsoft hosted a community poll on Xbox Live to determine the best Xbox Live Arcade games as judged by the players. And like last year, when Joystiq favorite Braid was overthrown by those persistent party castle crashers, 2009's "Best Overall Arcade Game" goes to Trials HD over Joystiq Best of 2009 winners Shadow Complex and 'Splosion Man (which both did manage to win lesser awards in the Xbox Live poll).

We've posted the complete list of awards and winners, which also include Battlefield 1943, Hasbro Family Game Night and Banjo-Tooie, after the break. What, no love for Watchmen: The End is Nigh? We demand a recount!

Microsoft's 2009 "Xbox Live Arcade Award" winners:

Best Overall Arcade Game

Trials HD

Best Original Game
'Splosion Man

Best Family Game
Hasbro Family Game Night

Best Co-Operative Multiplayer

Battlefield 1943

Best Competitive Multiplayer

Battlefield 1943

Best Solo Game

Shadow Complex

Best Innovation

Trials HD

Best Graphics

Shadow Complex

Best Classic/Remake


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