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WoW Moviewatch: Rabbit Stew


Oxhorn celebrated Easter by releasing Rabbit Stew, a short machinima involving some of our favorite characters. Oxhorn and company are struggling to find just the right way to decorate an easter egg, when Mortus happens to find the perfect adornment. Meanwhile, Oxhorn's collecting rabbits for a tasty stew until a skunk happens to wander too nearby. Trouble ensues.

The video is a nice little send-up of the holiday. It's got Oxhorn's virtually trademarked voice acting, but I did feel like it needed a little more punch at the end. Still, it's nice to see the master of song back in the mix with a fun, quick video. If you've been wondering what's happened to Oxhorn lately, you can always catch up with him at his live show. I've dropped in a few times myself and always had a good time.

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