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Dungeons and Dragons Online launches Update 4

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Update 4 for Dungeons and Dragons Online launched today, and most of the attention has been on Sentinels, the newest Adventure Pack. Everyone loves new content, especially the kind that comes with an extra shot of awesome in the form of zombie pirates.

If you've taken a look at the patch notes, you know that Turbine didn't stop with the Adventure Pack. We got the normal dose of bug fixes and small adjustments, as well as two significant additions. First is the new DDO Player Feed for Facebook, an addition that was almost to be expected given last month's addition of the LotRO Player Feed. It will work in much the same way, and can be installed here. The DDO Store catalog is expanding as well, adding such items as +2 character bank slots, +3 Greater Reincarnation, and specials on Turbine Point bundles.

We're still all about the zombie pirates here at Massively, though, and Turbine has obliged us with some new screenshots of Update 4, and a video trailer full guessed it. Zombies and pirates. Follow along after the jump, and enjoy.

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