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It's World Health Day! Medsy free for 24 hours.


Today is the 60th annual World Health Day; it's a day of awareness and programs sponsored by the World Health Organization to promote better health across the globe. In honor of the day, and in order to raise awareness about the importance of taking medications on time, the people at Medsy are giving away their popular iPhone app [free] for twenty-four hours . People who fail to finish all of their meds, or don't take them as scheduled, not only threaten their own health, but help give rise to antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA.

Medsy hopes to help change all of that. The app allows you to input all your medications, vitamins, and supplements, and set reminders for you to take them. The app uses Push notifications, so even if your iPhone is locked or you are using another app, you'll still get your reminders. Medsy allows you to input the name of the medicine, its dosage, and the prescribed frequency of the dose. The app even lets you customize the icon for each medication by shape and color. For those worried about privacy concerns, Medsy stores all of your medical information locally on your iPhone and not on its reminder servers. If you delete Medsy from your iPhone, all of your medical information is deleted with it.

Medsy is only available on the iPhone as the iPod touch will not support Push notifications when not on a WiFi network. It regularly sells for $3.99, but it's available today as a free download.

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