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Review: Mass Effect 2 DLC: Kasumi - Stolen Memory

Justin McElroy

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You already know what I think of Mass Effect 2, so I won't waste your time going over that here. Suffice it to say that I love it so much that I wasn't about to wait and see what some chubby nobody like myself thought of the new DLC, "Kasumi - Stolen Memory." I was buying it, and that was that.

So if we can all agree that Mass Effect 2 is a great game (and we can, right?), it seems what we've basically got here is a value proposition: Does the $7 entry fee provide you with enough new greatness? Let's break down the new, shall we?

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The New Mission: Moments after meeting up with master thief Kasumi, you're thrust into her life of crime. She needs your help to steal something of sentimental value from a ruthless criminal overlord throwing a party for similarly minded individuals. The ensuing heist and fire fight is as good as the rest of the game's loyalty missions (if not better than a few), but you should know up front that we're talking about an hour of gameplay here, tops. It's a very good hour. But it's an hour.

The New Character: The cocky yet sorrowful Kasumi is more fleshed out than most video game characters, but that's not saying a lot in Mass Effect 2, which is already jam-packed with a crew of interesting, multi-layered individuals. She's fine, but compared to the rest of the game's supporting cast, she's highly underdeveloped. Maybe if you picked her up earlier in the story she would have more time to blossom, but I'm assuming that most of you downloading the content have already put the main mission to bed.

The New Casual Outfit: It's a space tuxedo or a fancy low-cut space dress for the ladies. Too formal for the Normandy day-to-day? Perhaps. But you can't really put a dollar value on making a great first impression on visiting space dignitaries.

The New Weapon: The Locust SMG has a lot of history behind it, we're told, but in practice it didn't seem all that different from other SMGs in the game. True, it's been a few months since I played, but at least in the context of this one mission, it didn't feel particularly special.

"But Justin, is it worth $7?" I already hear you asking, but the answer is pretty subjective. At the end, I felt like I didn't necessarily get my money's worth, but I also know I wouldn't have believed that until I had bought the thing myself. If your world was rocked like mine by Mass Effect 2, then you're probably playing rather than reading this. That's fine, you'll probably be able to justify it to yourself -- I know I was. If, however, you were a fan but not desperate for more, you're probably better off forgetting about this memory until the inevitable price drop. Add Kasumi - Stolen Memory to your Xbox 360 download queue ($7.00)

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