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Rumor: Apple's 'iAd' Mobile Advertising Platform to be introduced tomorrow


It seems that a rumor we heard last month is about to be realized: reports indicate that Apple's new 'iAd' Mobile Advertising Platform is set to debut tomorrow.

According to All Things Digital, Apple will introduce iAds during tomorrow's iPhone OS 4 preview. Don't let the image above fool you; Google CEO Eric Schmidt is likely to be quite happy with this announcement. Why? Because he'll use it to demonstrate to the FTC that Google 1.) does have advertising competitors and 2.) should be allowed to spend US$750 million to purchase AdMob. That deal has been tenuous at best.

Apple filed an advertising patent last November, and purchased mobile ad company Quattro Wireless in January of this year. In February, Apple nabbed Theo Theodorou from Microsoft's mobile advertising sales department and Todd Tran from mobile ad agency Joule. In other words, the resources have been lined up. Now it's time to pull the trigger.

We can only guess about how iAds will work, if it's really called "iAds" and so on. But if All Things D is correct, we'll find out for sure tomorrow.

[Via MacRumors]

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