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The iPad romance is over for Jeff Jarvis


You've lusted after something for months. You've imagined it in your daily routine, showing it off to your friends (with appropriate oohs-aahs and jealous looks directed your way) and feel like once you've obtained this item that your life is complete, you have obtained the Holy Grail, and you couldn't possibly want for anything more.

Then you wake up the next morning after that purchase, roll over in bed to gaze upon your beloved tech, then realize that you've made a huge mistake. This is what happened to media blogger Jeff Jarvis and his iPad.

"After having slept with her (Ms. iPad), I am having morning-after regrets. Sweet and cute but shallow and vapid," Jarvis tweeted to his nearly 40,000 followers on Sunday. Business Insider reports today that Jarvis is planning to return his iPad and has spoken with several other people who also plan to return theirs. If that's you, you've got 14 days since purchase to do so, and you'll be charged a 10% restocking fee as well.

Now that the iPad has been out in the wild for a few days, some are getting to that "morning after" spot where they realized they leaped too quickly. Business Insider's Henry Blodget theorizes that the iPad's best days, like the iPhone's, will come in a couple of years when the purchase doesn't mean having to choose whether or not to pay your car loan for the month or not.

The iPad isn't for everyone. Fellow TUAW blogger Mike Schramm wrote an excellent piece on why he didn't buy an iPad, many of his reasons matching my own. Had I bought an iPad, I'm willing to bet that perhaps I'd be in the same spot as Jarvis was in on Sunday -- not because of any lack on the iPad's part, but because with my MacBook, iPhone and Kindle, there's just not a place for it in my tech life at the moment.

For those of you with iPads, are you having second thoughts as well now that some time has passed?

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