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TSA: Keep your iPad in the bag, please


The pleasure in visiting a US airport can be found in drinking pricey stale coffee and navigating the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) security checkpoint. Typically, electronics must be pulled from bags and placed on a conveyor belt for scanning. Fortunately, iPads are an exception. Usually.

The TSA ruled on Tuesday that iPads may remain in their bags for scanning. Since they're relatively small with no bulky AC unit (no word if this needs to be scanned separately), cables, external drives, etc., they're just as easy to examine while inside your bag.

You could be asked to remove it if the agents can't get a clear picture, so don't bury it under a heap of socks and underwear. Conversely, laptops must always be removed from their bags and scanned separately (at least that's the rule at BOS).

As for your shoes and belts, well...expect to drop them into the tray, too.

[Via Ars]

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