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WoW Moviewatch: Idea


The video Idea was created by Paus for Baron Soosdon's StarCraft 2 beta key contest. Like its fellow entries, Idea is short and to the point, clocking in just around a single minute.

Idea is one of the most marvelously creepy videos I've seen, especially when you consider the relatively simple plot frame Paus created. The narration and voice acting goes leagues to sell the plot. The quick, distorting cuts from scene to scene immediately relay the sense that something is horribly wrong in this situation. Paus's eye for setting and angles conveys unease and wrongness about the character and story. It's just all magnificent.

The video ends with a few seconds of unicorn pictures, because of the graphic nature of Idea's ending. I found that technique actually made the climax more disturbing, as it's left to my imagination to figure out what must be going on. My hat's off to Paus; Idea was awesome.

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