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Blue Mango delivers rapidfire documentation for iPad apps


We admit it, we have a soft spot for ScreenSteps. Ever since we first met the Blue Mango team three Macworld Expos ago (at the urging of TUAW veteran Laurie Duncan), we've been big fans of their intuitive, cross-platform, and dependable little documentation system. It's not so little anymore, either; the most recent updates have added direct support for blogging platforms like WordPress, Movable Type, and Squarespace, and publishing options for Confluence and Google Sites.

Now the DeVore brothers have taken the power of ScreenSteps and applied it to a current documentation challenge: creating accessible, comprehensible guides for iPad applications. Their new site,, is a repository for step-by-step task guides for several of Apple's apps; they plan to add more guides in short order. The idea is to give users a handy resource, while demonstrating for iPad developers that there's an easy way to create and host this type of how-to material.

It's a small collection now, but as it grows, perhaps you'll find something to supplement Apple's PDF and iPad-format documentation, and the help files of third-party developers.

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