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'Game Table' turns your iPad into exactly that


When you saw the iPad, did you imagine it as a virtual board game repository, able to summon checkers and such at a moment's notice? Well, if you didn't, you might now because that sounds really neat. And you can buy just such a thing! Game Table is a collection of board and card games including checkers, chess, poker, solitaire, and even a virtual deck of cards for other games. Developer Label Interactive plans to add more games to the app, like backgammon and go, through updates.

We don't mind saying that this game is noteworthy almost entirely because of the iPad interface -- but we imagine that's exactly the kind of thing people with iPads are looking for right now. And no, we're not going to write a post every time someone makes a board game app -- but it's novel right now.

Game Table ($.99): Game Table

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