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Molyneux: Fable 3 has a pretty darn good voice cast

Justin McElroy

It's a beautiful day to be a Joystiq reader and a fan of Peter Molyneux. After years of extensive testing and the (as it turns out, unnecessary) deaths of millions of lab animals, we've finally perfected the Peter Molyneux Quote Realisticator 2007 (sorry about the name, we had to delay it a few times). So now, when Peter Molyneux tells IGN that Fable 3 will feature "the greatest cast that any computer game has ever had," you know it's the equivalent of a regular person saying, "Fable 3 has a pretty darn good cast."

Actually, we're a little surprised his praise is so mild. John Cleese as your butler? Stephen Fry as Reaver? What does it take to impress you, man?

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