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Modern Warfare 2 'Stimulus Package' DLC coming to PS3 May 4, worldwide on May 5


If you're a regular reader, you probably already know why we use the word "exclusive" in quotes so often. But if you're not, you might not know that it's because of situations like this, where the Xbox 360 "exclusive" Modern Warfare 2 DLC (a five map pack titled "Stimulus Package") is suddenly announced as heading to PlayStation 3 and PC. In fairness, as detailed by Microsoft to Eurogamer back in January, we already knew this particular exclusivity deal had a built-in expiration date.

What we didn't know, however, was an official release date for the PS3 and PC versions. Infinity Ward community man Robert Bowling revealed the May 4 US release date for PSN via Twitter, also detailing a May 5 release date worldwide for PS3s and May 4 for PCs worldwide. Though he doesn't specify, we have to imagine that pricing will remain in line with the content's $15 tag on XBLM. We've followed up with Bowling for clarity's sake and will let you know the solid pricing details as soon as we hear back.

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