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Perfect World Entertainment introduces new dungeons

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Perfect World Entertainment has rolled out previews of new dungeons in two of their games, and fans should be pleased with what they find.

Jade Dynasty introduces the Dread Labyrinth, a 5-6 man dungeon for players in the 120-150 level range. Navigate the Flower Cave, Stone Fall Cave and the Demon Village to face the fiery wrath of the creature in the Kirin Cave and earn Taichi Pills and Sky Coins. (What is a Sky Coin? Sky Coins can be used as currency to purchase Unique Pets, Sky Serenity Charms and in the future, awesome Espers.)

Ether Saga Online players can take a sneak peek at The Obscurity, the upcoming 4-6 man dungeon, featuring five boss fights including fallen deities and mighty dragons.

Both dungeons are coming soon, but for now you can make the wait a little easier with plenty of information and screenshots from both the Dread Labyrinth and The Obscurity.

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