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Sony Walkman RDP-NWV500 Soundmug fits your car's cupholder, looks good with a rifle


Sony's ¥20,000 (about $214) RDP-NWV500 speaker, like the Rolly before it, is one of those rare devices that can be seen as either brilliant or foolish at first glance. Built to fit in your car's cupholder, the 16W tumbler tethers to your music player to pump out 360-degree sound from its 2-way speakers (56-mm woofer, 20-mm tweeter) that can be managed via top-mounted controls or the included wee remote control -- power is supplied from the car's accessory socket, not an internal battery as you might have hoped. At home the Soundmug fits into it's bundled charging dock that simultaneously charges your Walkman. Crazy, like a fox? Check the video demo after the break.

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