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Supreme Commander 2 demo now available for Xbox Live Goldies

Whether you're curious about the sweeping changes made since the franchise's initial installment, or you're completely new to the series and want to know exactly how "supreme" it actually is, you can now get a free sneak peek of Gas Powered Games' strategy title Supreme Commander 2. The demo's available today for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, and will be made accessible to lowly Silver peons on April 14.

The demo offers two tutorial levels and two quests from the United Earth Federation campaign, one of the title's three factions and single-player storylines. We were holding out hope for a sample of the Juggalo Nation campaign, but we suppose beggars can't be choosers.

Additionally, the 2010 FIFA World Cup demo is also available today. Add Supreme Commander 2 demo to your Xbox 360 download queue Add 2010 FIFA World Cup demo to your Xbox 360 download queue

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