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Guilds to face new challenges in Runes of Magic Chapter III

When it comes to learning how to work together as a guild, many MMOs have the same general method: read a strategy site, jump into a dungeon, and beat yourself against it until you figure it out. That's why we're intrigued to hear about the new guild additions coming to Runes of Magic in their upcoming Chapter III expansion.

While hailed as mini-games, these new areas will challenge guilds to work together in new and interesting ways. Players who join these three new guild drilling grounds will be asked to choose one of three stances: a sword for melee players; a shield for those who will need defensive boosts and resists; or a staff for those pew-pew crazy casters. From there, you'll be taken through one of the three new drilling ground scenarios.

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In the Trial of the Spirit Warrior, players will be given 15 minutes to tear through as many monsters as they can -- but after two waves of regular monsters, it's boss mobs from there! In the second scenario, Needle Drill, players will face off against attacks from the very floor itself -- in the form of steel spikes shooting up randomly as seen above. If you manage to clear three waves of that, you'll have a chance to pick up special sigils that will offer healing, buffs, and bonuses to speed against the relentless waves of spikes. Survive, and (as with all the guild drilling ground scenarios) you'll get tokens to spend on special gear!

The final of the three, Call of the Horns, will drop the player in a fierce NPC battle where they are asked to pick sides -- either the good but "indulgent" Whitefurs or the evil Blackhorns -- and then are challenged to a capture-the-flag style match against the other side's NPCs. But you'll have to work fast, as matches for this third challenge are limited to 10 minutes only.

There is also a new quest for guilds, that will be available through the Guild Bulletin Board system as the others are now, as well as new, fancy stone walls for players to use when building their guild castles. If you'd like to check out a sneak peek at some of these upcoming Runes of Magic Chapter III features, then be sure to take a look at the handful of new screens we've added to our Chapter III gallery above. Sounds like it's going to be a great time for guilds in RoM!

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