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Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot reignites Cold War tensions


Why should Bionic Commando: Rearmed be the only downloadable, 2.5D re-imagining of a classic '80s-era game starring a lone soldier up against an evil regime? Konami's thought exactly -- or so it would seem. That's because the publisher is reviving Rush'n Attack, its 1985 side-scrolling "kill all Commies" shooter-stabber, in the form of Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot for XBLA and PSN.

During a hands-off demonstration, I caught a brief preview of the game -- which features the quintessential lone operative going back behind enemy lines to rescue POWs -- at yesterday's Konami Gamers Night and, well, it kind of reminded me of another recent downloadable game: Shadow Complex. The new Rush'N Attack does look a lot more arcadey and linear than last year's "Metroidvania" hit on XBLA, with its patriot (or is that ex-patriot?) stealth-knifing bad guys, stealing their guns and rushing off. The other notable detail was the color palette, which was saturated in a lot of green and red.

Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot is scheduled for release this fall and will make its playable debut at E3. Check out the trailer above.

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