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The iPad rent-a-date


You can go tickle an iPad for free at any Apple Store. You can caress, stroke, and otherwise test out the "magical" touch-based interface. However, if you want to go further, second base for example, be prepared to pony up $50.

TUAW has realized that for that low, low price, you can bring that baby home with you and enjoy her in the privacy of your own home for up to two weeks. Return her back to the store, none the worse for wear (don't forget to use "protection"), and you'll be assessed a mere 10% of the purchase price as an, ahem, "restocking fee."

Of course, your mileage may vary, so buy at your own risk -- this is just an idea we're throwing out there, in case anyone wants to catch and run with it. But then again, why deny yourself the temporary love of an iPad while you're waiting for the 3G of your dreams? There's no need to deny your basic desires until the "keeper" comes along. If you want to try and get a little creative with Apple's return policy, we won't be the ones to stop you.

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