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Batman: Arkham Asylum ... the action figures!


Holy late money grab, Batman! It appears that in the June 2010 issue of Toyfare magazine will reveal a cadre of the Batman: Arkham Asylum characters in action figure form (as pointed out by Previews). Though the issue will miss the May release date of Bats' Game of the Year edition, it'll arrive on store shelves by early June.

June's issue is said to feature "a sneak peek at some of 2010's hottest video games and hottest video game toys," including the Dark Knight, among others. The listing also notes that DC Direct, makers of, well, lots of other video game action figures, will apparently be tasked with putting little Bats and crew together. It probably doesn't hurt that the "DC" in DC Direct is of the DC Comics variety, owners of the Batman IP. All will be revealed on June 9, so get your Bat Credit Card at the ready, folks!

[Via Big Download]

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