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E-ON Magazine issue 19 hits the shelves


In Autumn 2005, EVE Online became one of the only MMOs out there with its own dedicated print magazine. Under contract from CCP Games, MMM Publishing has worked tirelessly ever since to produce EVE's official magazine "E-ON." Four times per year, we're blessed with a dose of the latest and greatest things from New Eden in a comfortingly solid format. The magazine covers everything from strategy guides and ship fitting advice to sneak peaks at upcoming expansions, interviews with CCP staff and incredible fiction set in the EVE universe.

E-ON differs from other game magazines in that they don't any make money from advertising. In an effort to keep the magazine all about EVE, they've taken the unusual but apparently successful route of publishing full-page adverts from in-game corporations and organisations. Advertisers buy space in the magazine with ISK, the in-game currency, and adverts must be for strictly in-game purposes. The ISK is then used to pay volunteer writers, who create most of the magazine's content and produce important things like guides from a true player's perspective. There's even a scheme in the works to reward advertisers with discount coupon codes for the magazine to gift their corpmates. Now nearing their fifth year of publishing, E-ON issue 19 has recently been released. As usual, this issue is absolutely packed full of everything we've come to expect from the mag.

Skip past the cut for a run-down of what you can expect in issue 19 of E-ON Magazine.

Espionage in EVE:

A thrilling look into the dark criminal underworld of spying, sabotage, corruption and theft. With valuable insight into the minds of three of EVE's most notorious dark agents, this article is much more than just a good read. With useful advice on locking out spies and saboteurs, it can help keep your corp and assets safe.

War on territory:
Following from the previous issue's thorough look at the Dominion expansion, E-ON looks at the fallout from that most monumental shake-up of the nullsec regions. On the table this issue is a look at GoonSwarm's dramatic death, CVA's expansion plans cut short and a run-down of the most influential fleet battles since Dominion went live. The new format for the "0.0 Report" is a welcome change, helping E-ON chronicle the game's political history.

Brave new worlds:
When the Tyrannis expansion was announced, we discovered that EVE players would soon be able to tap previously unobtainable resources on the planets of New Eden. In addition to getting the inside scoop from CCP Manifest and CCP Hammerhead, the E-ON team relay their hands-on experience with planetary interaction from the EVE test server.

Profiled in this issue is one of EVE's oldest and most popular fan-sites. Battleclinic is home to some of EVE's best tools, from its massive kill-board and forum with integrated ship-fitting tools to EVEMon, EVE's oldest and most iconic supplementary application.

What else is in this quarter's issue?:
In addition to the main features described above, issue 19 comes with an array of interviews, guides, community profiles and impressive fiction. Some highlights from this issue include:

  • Insider's guides to setting up your overview and how tracking speed affects turret accuracy.
  • The 200 million ISK celebrity test-flight challenge.
  • A historic alliance profile of the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate, courtesy of ex-director Serenity Steele.
  • CCP's Dr Eyjo Gudmundsson talks about economics in EVE.
  • An interview with CCP Ginger on his role within CCP and how it's changed over the years.
  • New EVE Chronicle: "Breathless."
  • CCP's new Community Team, including our own ex-Massively writer James Egan under the name CCP Shadow, select their favourite EVE websites. We won't spoil their choices except to say thanks to CCP Fallout for choosing Massively as his favourite place to find EVE commentary.
If you're interested in EVE's quarterly glossy magazine, E-ON costs $14.99 US Dollars per issue and the latest version is now available in the official EVE Online store.

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