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Ex-Free Radical (Crytek UK) working solely on Crysis 2 multiplayer


Despite earlier claims that Haze developer Free Radical (now Crytek UK) were working on an "original FPS" for its new overlord Crytek Studios, it appears that the UK-based studio is actually hard at work on Crysis 2's multiplayer component. In an interview with VG247, CEO Cevat Yerli revealed "several online functionalities" for the game, as well as the team behind said functionalities. "That is all they [Crytek UK] are doing, with a full team on it, and they are blasting forward at full speed with more focus and dedication than I've ever had before at Crytek." Jeez you two, get a room!

Yerli unfortunately couldn't expand on the various types of multiplayer we'll find in Crysis 2 when it arrives later this year, though he did note that the team at Crytek UK will be "making the gameplay unique to both the console and PC versions." Presumably he means that in a sense greater than "The PC version has way, way prettier graphics."

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