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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is brought to you in stunning 3D

You guys have got your special glasses, right? Come on, we know we told you this week's Wrapup would be presented with groundbreaking new 3D technology. You knew you were supposed to come prepared. Don't get mad at us because you can't see all the awesome special effects that are flying out of the logo above! Oh no, a dragon is flying at you! And he's throwing ninja stars!

Fortunately, you need no special peripheral to read our seven favorite gaming-centric webcomics from this past week, which we've posted in no particular order below. Check them out and vote for your favorite in the poll after the jump!

Hell (xkcd)
He's There To Help (Of Noobs and Men)
Bizarro Paradise (Nerf Now)
No Pokemon Allowed in My Pokemon Game (Awkward Zombie)
Nintendo 3D Redux (Another Video Game Webcomic)
Snifit Salesman (Brawl in the Family)
Calm Your Storm (2P Start)


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