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Caption contest: It's time to share... an '83 GMC Vandura

Chris Ziegler

A rusty short bus isn't the first thing you expect to find parked -- nay, displayed -- outside one of Microsoft's most important events of the year, but alas... here it is.

Josh: "It's time to share... this gun."
Chris: "We assure you that the display of an inconvenient, worn-out, inefficient, disabled van isn't a metaphor for what we're about to show you."
"Microsoft takes sexting to the next level."
Joe: "Creepiest ice cream truck ever."
Richard Lai: "Way to re-use a prop from Zombieland."
Thomas: "It's time to share... wives."
Joanna: "Microsoft Pink: Get on the short bus."
Don: "Needs more airbrush."
Paul: "When not selling phones to tweens, Jimmy tours with his post-grunge band and runs an illicit button making operation."
Ross: "The van of choice for 38-year old life maximizers."

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