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MMO Future Shock video presents some interesting statistics

Obvious statement time here, but anyone who reads Massively with anything approaching regularity knows that the MMO industry is big business. Top-notch titles like World of Warcraft and so many other MMOs take millions tens of millions craploads of money to bring to market under the current Western develop-until-largely-finished model.

If you've ever been curious about the MMO industry, and how some of the numbers break down, then you'll want to check out MMO Future Shock. It's created by the guys at Gamers Film, and includes quite a number of interesting statistics, such as a tidbit about how people are spending an average of $1,200 per second in online games. Along with that, there's some great interview footage with people like Brett Close and Curt Schilling from 38 Studios; Joe Rush, Director of Operations at GamersFirst; and various other industry players.

We've embedded the video behind the break for you hungry number-fiends. With any luck they'll publish some more episodes shortly so we can see more interviews with folks in the MMO know.

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