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VC in Brief: Zaxxon (VC Arcade)


This week's Virtual Console release is Sega's Zaxxon for the VC Arcade, an isometric viewpoint shmup from the early '80s. There's nothing flashy or particularly complex about Zaxxon, other than the difficulty of quickly ascertaining your altitude and relative safety in your immediate surroundings. Basically, you crash into stuff or get shot by stuff or run out of gas and then crash into stuff, as you can see in the latest episode of VC in Brief above. It's a tough life out there in space, gunning down countless unmarked ships, missile silos and cannons -- believe.
  • Zaxxon (Arcade, 1 player, 800 Wii Points)
Every week, we like to check out what's new on the Virtual Console. We offer VC in Brief as a sort of taste to help you decide whether or not you would want the game in question. We also toss in our own two cents because we're pushy jerks like that.

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