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WoW Moviewatch: Emerald Dream


Emerald Dream is a big collaboration move created about a half dozen machinima personalities. The lyrics were written by Gigi, who obviously also did a large number of the vocals. But you can also hear Sharm and Princess Superstar performing in this piece. Other collaborators include Bloodvein Movies, WoPairs, Teagen and Kam. The video is in part intended to bring some attention to, so take a moment and go check out that site after you've seen the video.

Emerald Dream is a pretty interesting music video, and I think it definitely grows the "belf rap" genre by leaps and bounds. The music is refreshingly original, although I'm sure as soon as I say that someone will point out that I don't recognize the original version. Even if that's the case, the lyrics and beat were both intriguing. I felt like the overall narrative was much stronger than most music videos, and it definitely raises the bar for these performers.

The video was obviously beautiful. I think if we were to ever see the Emerald Dream archetypified in the game, this must be how it will look. My hat's off to the machinimators who created this video.

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