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Final Fantasy XIV alpha test guide leaked

Eliot Lefebvre

Information on the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIV has been coming in great rushes with the testing in full swing, and what we've been hearing only whets the appetite. Robust character customization, diverse character growth, and a unique battle system all offer something at once reminiscent and yet different from Final Fantasy XI. While Square-Enix has stayed fairly tight-lipped even as we've gotten more Japanese news on the game, the first major "leak" from the test has emerged: a full disclosure of the Alpha Tester's Manual, as sent out by Square to all of the game's testers.

Although many elements of the game have already been disclosed from other sources, seeing everything laid out in the manual format helps make things a bit clearer. It also goes into more details about the limitations on the test, implying that several of them (such as the 20-ability limit) are unique to this phase of testing. There are also firmer details on things like Aetheryte, which function much like Final Fantasy XII's Save Crystals. If you're interested in Final Fantasy XIV, you can still glean more information from the newest leak, but like much news on the game it might just whet your appetite.

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