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Paladin class preview schedule change

Anne Stickney

The patient Paladins that have been awaiting the Paladin class previews have some very good news on the EU forums. The Paladin class preview that was previously scheduled for Friday, April 16th has been bumped forward to Wednesday, April 14th. For those of us in the US, that could very well be today. The blue post from the EU forums:

We are thankful for all the paladins and their patience in having to wait just a bit longer than others to get their Cataclysm class preview. While we had initially announced that we were planning to post the Paladin preview on Friday, April 16, we can now reveal that it will instead be posted on Wednesday, April 14!

Will Paladins see Radiance Aura as a full-fledged ability, or does Blizzard have something else up their sleeves for the Light-swingers? We'll be posting the Paladin class information once it's live -- a little sooner than expected. In the meantime, check out the other class previews, changes, and analysis in's Guide to Cataclysm.

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