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Rhapsody on an iPad


No, not the music service. I'm talking about OS X's grandfather. And here it is booting on an iPad.

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith saw the video of Windows 95 running on an iPad in emulation and was inspired to try the same thing with Rhapsody -- the development OS was developed by Apple in the time between the purchase of NeXT and Mac OS X. He used a modified version of the Bochs emulator to accomplish the feat. Why? "Just had to one-up Engadget's post."

He notes that it took a good five minutes to boot, and another five just to log in. Icons and a desktop appeared that. Unfortunately, a mouse cursor was left out of the equation, which Steven noted could have been due to installing the VMWare mouse driver for Rhapsody.

This isn't the first time he's thrust an obsolete OS onto his iPad via emulation. Check out these screen shots of Windows 1.01. As for the BeOS, "I tried BeOS 5.1. It didn't load."


Check out the gallery below for more screen shots.

Gallery: Rhapsody on iPad in emulation | 4 Photos

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