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Earloomz get Lady Gaga designs to help you look cooler, she's still k-kinda too busy to take your call

Laura June

You know, we're starting to wonder if Lady Gaga is secretly a gigantic nerd. She's not only the Creative Director over at Polaroid, as well as having her own Beats by Dre headphones, but now... her likeness is on a Bluetooth headset. Now, we don't know if this is officially licensed Gaga gear or not, and there are plenty of other wild designs to choose from (though this is obviously the eyecatcher of the collection). This bad boy supports Bluetooth v2.1+EDR, and uses an internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery with around eight hours of talk time. They're available now for around $60. So our only question is: how long until Gaga gets a giant Bluetooth earpiece made out of her hair?

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