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Engadget and The Engadget Show are nominated for Webby Awards!


Hey guys, we just wanted to share a little bit of good news with you. We just found out that both Engadget as a site and The Engadget Show have been nominated for Webby Awards! Now of course, we feel like the work we do on the site speaks for itself -- with or without gold stars -- but we thought this was a pretty cool nod and wanted to tell you. You can vote for us in the runnings (if you'd like) by registering at the Webby Awards site (we're in the Marketplace / Consumer Electronics section for the site, and Online Film & Video / Technology for the Show). We won't force you or anything, but we'd love your support if you're into what we're doing. We'd also like to say thanks to you -- the reader -- for helping us get the word out and spread the Engadget message; we would quite honestly be nothing without you. Thanks!

Note: The Webby Awards are sponsored by AOL (Engadget's parent company). Sponsored, not produced or selected by AOL in any way.

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