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Metareview: Splinter Cell: Conviction

You've read our even-tempered, thought-provoking analysis of Sam Fisher's latest, slightly less stealthy exploits in Splinter Cell: Conviction, but say -- hypothetically -- you want to know what some of our game-adjudicating peers thought about the game. Overlooking your blatant infidelity, we'd be happy to provide you with a wide smattering of opinions. Let's just not make a habit of this, okay?
  • GamePro (5/5): "While it might not be the back-to-basics game fans were expecting, Conviction is an outstanding title from top to bottom."
  • IGN (93/100): "Despite a few questionable level design choices, Splinter Cell: Conviction is a great addition to the series. There's no way I could go back to a stealth game as it used to be; I've been converted."
  • OXM (85/100): "Ultimately, of course, Conviction shouldn't be judged on what it isn't, but rather what it is - and whether that game is worth your $60. Quite frankly, we like classic Splinter Cell better, but this doesn't make Conviction a bad game."
  • GiantBomb (4/5): "Splinter Cell: Conviction is the most accessible Splinter Cell game yet. It gives you the firepower to shoot your way out of your mistakes, but also makes the stealth side of things fun, rewarding, and significantly easier than just attempting to run around and shoot. Its only serious issue is that it doesn't feel especially substantial or replayable."

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