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Sony Pictures is releasing Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on Blu-ray 3D June 1 -- in Germany


Just in case you've already snatched up a 3DTV and Blu-ray 3D compatible player, you've probably seen the demo disc Panasonic includes or Samsung's Monsters vs. Aliens pack-in enough times to junk those $150 3D glasses permanently, but help is on the way. The first commercially available 3D Blu-ray disc has finally been announced -- but only in Germany so far. If you sprechen sie deutsch, Amazon DE is more than willing to take your preorder cash for this movie which will ship June 1, the same day a 2D version is released, but with a €28.99 ($39.61) price tag you'll be paying an extra 9 euros for the privilege and sacrificing a couple of extras. In the U.S., we'll probably have to wait until Sony firms up the release schedule for its PS3 3D update before finding out exactly when this disc hits the shelves locally.

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