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X3F Game Night: Halo 2


Did you hear? Microsoft is pulling the plug on Xbox Live support for original Xbox games, like, tomorrow, so we thought it'd be a good idea to say goodbye in style. Specifically, in the style of playing some Halo 2! So tonight, Wednesday, the 14th of April, we're asking readers to log on and frag with us!

I'll be online at 7PM ET, ready to rumble; merely send me an Xbox Live message (Gamertag: KnifefightYaDad), and I'll do my best to get you into the game, as space permits. Tell your friends, tell your mom and, uh, tell your mom's friends! This is the last time we'll get to play together before the servers are shut down tomorrow.

Note: You may want to download all of the extra maps before joining us online, if you don't have them already. It'll save time and hopefully get us gaming together as soon as possible.

Finally, we're hoping to turn X3F Game Nights into a regular thing, so if you keep showing up, we'll keep hosting -- all you have to do is ask!

What: Multiplayer Halo 2 send-off
Where: Your house (or wherever your Xbox/Xbox 360 is set up)
When: Wednesday, April 14 at 7pm ET until ... dark!
Why: Because Xbox Live won't support original Xbox games after April 15
How: Jump into Halo 2, send KnifefightYaDad a message and wait for the invite

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