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XCOM re-imagined by 2K Marin for Xbox 360 and PC


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In a surprise late night announcement, 2K Games has revealed that 2K Marin (responsible for BioShock 2) is working on a re-imagined version of XCOM. Like the first BioShock game, this "strategic" and "suspense-filled" first-person shooter will debut exclusively on Xbox 360 and PC.

Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K, addressed the switch to a first-person perspective in a press release: "Players will explore the world of XCOM from an immersive new perspective and experience firsthand the fear and tension of this gripping narrative ride."

According to the release, players will assume the role of an FBI agent "tasked with identifying and eliminating the growing threat" from an "unknown enemy." If the story stays true to the original franchise, expect aliens, global conflict, and lots and lots of dead, incinerated humans.

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