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Be a Luma in Super Mario Galaxy 2 multiplayer


Famitsu has released some new information on Super Mario Galaxy 2, dealing with the game's gripping story. As translated by NeoGAF, the story sees Peach once again inviting Mario to enjoy watching stardust fall from the sky, which only happens once every 100 years. Of course, that means the game would have to take place at least 100 years after the original Super Mario Galaxy, but it's probably best not to think about it. Anyway, on his way to the castle, Mario happens upon a lost baby star named "Baby Chico," who journeys to the castle with Mario. And then something happens -- we're going to guess Bowser.

In other spacefaring plumber news, the Japanese website for Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been updated with some new information about the game, including its two-player mode. It seems the second player will control a Luma (Baby Chico, as it turns out). Hopefully it will amount to more than just collecting Star Bits this time around.

Be sure to check out the Japanese site for some new video and images.

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Source -- Nintendo Japan -- Super Mario Galaxy 2
Source -- NeoGAF

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