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Gameloft bringing downloadable UNO to PSP on April 22

There are only two ways we could think to improve the UNO experience we currently have access to on the PS3 and 360:
  1. Make it available on a handheld console, in order to emulate the joy of holding tiny cards in our hands.
  2. Remove all camera functionality, in order to lessen the frequency with which we're exposed to strangers' bathing suit areas.
Fortunately, Gameloft is coming through for us in both respects with a downloadable PSP version of UNO, which is set to hit the U.S. and European PlayStation Stores on April 22. The game's video announcement (posted after the jump) mentions it will support local and online multiplayer matches, but doesn't say anything about a price. We've contacted Gameloft to discern this ever-important (yet, surprisingly, often excluded!) detail.

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