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Retailer-backed pro-R18+ petition draws over 72K signatures in Australia

Though new South Australian Attorney General John Rau seems to be straddling the fence on the prospect of introducing an R18+ rating for mature games in the land down under, a large force of gamers are attempting to pull him over to their side. A petition started by electronics retailer GAME six weeks ago has garnered over 72,000 signatures in support of the new rating, which would ostensibly reduce the number of games that are censored or outright banned in the region. EB Games and special interest group Grow Up Australia have started a similar petition, gathering over 46,000 signatures for the cause.

GAME plans to bring its petition before the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General meeting on May 7, though it's not certain that the R18+ issue will be on the agenda. If it is, however, the petition will be difficult to ignore -- according to GamePolitics' calculations, it's well on its way to becoming the largest petition in the nation's history.

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