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TV's Lost is most requested Telltale adventure game project

Justin McElroy

We've all got our own dream projects we'd like adventure game studio Telltale to make, heaven knows we've fanned those flames ourselves. But as for the most requested project, you need look no further than your nerdy friend's Tuesday night Twitter feed, according to company boss Dan Connors.

"You know it's funny, because I have a survey with the actual requests on it, or the actual things that people that we surveyed said they would like to see," Connors told us in an interview you'll see in full soon. "If I can recall correctly I think Lost was number one. I think that Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was number two ... or maybe number three. And I know that Dexter was in there somewhere. And of course the LucasArts stuff was in there as well."

Lost as adventure game makes perfect sense, especially since The Island is one of the few places where making a mustache out of cat hair, masking tape and syrup makes perfect sense.

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