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Enormous Uncharted 2 artbook is a costly relic

While some special edition artbooks could be politely identified as "pamphlets," Naughty Dog has taken a different approach with its illustration-filled tome based on Uncharted 2. The studio (with help from Ballistic Publishing) is releasing a 272-page book featuring the game's "concept art ... character studies, environment art, character modeling, game art, cinematics, motion-capture, animation, and effects." However, all these half-tucked works of art exact a fairly high price from those who wish to acquire them.

There are three versions of the art book: a softcover print which costs $59.99, a leather-bound "special edition" which costs $129.99, and a $300 Limited Folio Edition, which is bound in suede leather, embossed in gold, placed within another suede leather-bound presentation case, and includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the game's designers. Only 200 ostentatiously rich Nate Drake enthusiasts will get their hands on this limited print, so interested parties should hop off their money-chairs and pre-order now.

[Via Press The Buttons]

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