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Mythos reveals Pyromancer art

Jef Reahard

Redbana has released new artwork of the Pyromancer class in their upcoming Mythos MMORPG. The title, originally developed by Travis Baldree (FATE, Torchlight) at Flagship Studios but now the property of HanbitSoft, is a Diablo-style dungeon crawler, complete with isometric perspective and high levels of itemization and randomization.

is the North American publisher for Mythos, and has released the Pyromancer screens as the first of what promises to be a steady stream of information that will lead up to the beta tests and full release later this year. The Pyromancer, as you might expect, relies on fiery magic to burn enemies into submission, and fans can get a leg up on checking out the sorcery and other game elements by signing up for the Mythos newsletter at the official website.

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