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Netflix Watch Instantly adds closed captioning support for the PC, Mac


We'd like to welcome the hard of hearing to the internet delivered video party, now that Netflix has begun offering optional closed captioning on a limited number of Watch Instantly titles. Currently only available through the Silverlight player on Mac or PC, Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt promises it's in the works for other platforms and should arrive there around fall along with the long-awaited support for 5.1 surround sound. Of course we're also still waiting for HD streaming on the PC but we know this is a big deal for specific communities and situations. For now, you can test out the feature on seasons 1-4 of Lost, part of about 100 titles so far with others being filled in "over time." Now excuse us, we need to watch some old episodes with CC switched on and make sure our Lostpedia entries are correct before the finale.

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