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The Fight: Lights Out promises 60fps fighting on the Move


Looks like the unnamed "Motion Fighter" for PlayStation Move now has a title. As revealed by the PlayStation.Blog, the game is now known as The Fight: Lights Out. For the uninitiated, The Fight is the Move's take on Punch-Out!, using the camera and two Move controllers to recreate your motions in a one-on-one setting.

Producer John McLaughlin took a few jabs at the competition (read: Wii), emphasizing the visuals of his game. "There's been motion controller games out there without that graphical fidelity, and now on PlayStation 3, it truly is the platform that can deliver everything," McLaughlin stated.

The Fight undoubtedly looks better than a Wii game (as it should), but we're most excited to hear that it runs at 60fps. Obviously, one of the biggest concerns surrounding the Move is the potential for input lag. If The Fight is capable of running at such a high framerate, it better deliver a truly fluid experience. We'll definitely get our hands on an updated build at E3 later this year.

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