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Xenonauts capitalizes on XCOM rage


2K Marin's surprise announcement of an XCOM reboot upset a number of purists. "I'd rather have something that played like X-Com ... than a generic first person shooter with the X-Com name clumsily stapled on," one of our commenters chimed in. If you agree with this sentiment, Goldhawk Interactive has an appropriately-timed announcement for you.

Xenonauts is an indie-developed, PC-only game that's meant to be a spiritual successor to the original X-Com, described as "neither a sequel to X-Com, nor a remake of it ... it shares the same core mechanics that made the original so compelling." Like its inspiration, players will take command of a global organization that must defend the planet against alien invasion. The "planetary defense simulator" will have you constructing bases, managing budgets, and engaging in turn-based squad combat.

Goldhawk's Chris England explained in a press release that "we were a bit put out when 2K made their big announcement," as it may have stolen some thunder from today's announcement. However, England believes this is now actually an "opportunity," allowing the team to "capitalize on the general sentiment that the new X-Com game should be a strategy game." Does this announcement appease those of you burned by 2K's FPS reboot?

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