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Apple making RAM affordable? Really?


When people ask if they should add RAM to their computers to improve performance, fellow blogger Erica Sadun says she typically replies, "YES! Just don't buy it from Apple!" Apple's RAM upgrades have typically run about double what I actually ended up paying for them elsewhere. However, as noted by astute observers over at MacRumors, Apple has covertly changed their pricing on build-to-order RAM configurations for 27-inch iMacs, bringing the price of an 8GB upgrade down to only about $25US more than competitors like Other World Computing.

Here are the old specs, courtesy of MacRumors:

And the new specs:

A price drop of $200 for the 8GB upgrade is surprising, but certainly welcome. I've always thought that Apple was running a scam targeted at the technically inept, charging them an extra 100% for not knowing better. Is this part of a trend toward more affordable, Apple-approved upgrades?

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