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LotRO parties down with 3rd anniversary goodies


It may be the waning days of the Third Age in Lord of the Rings Online, but the third anniversary is waxing strong. In honor of three years of the road going ever on, Turbine has invited players back to LotRO to celebrate in style. As part of the party, all players logging in between April 21 and June 30 will receive a spiffy Writ of Virtue:

The Writ of Virtue: This special scroll will show the Bards that you know the value of revelry and celebration! The Writ grants a passive skill that gives you a 20 percent discount with Bards all across Middle-earth.

In addition to the Writ, all monsters across Middle-earth will drop special tokens, which can be exchanged for anniversary gift boxes in the major cities. Turbine is also enticing players with their ever-popular $9.99/month subscription plan, which can be locked down by signing up for 3, 6 or 12 month tours of duty.

You can read the full announcement over at the LotRO site!

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