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NPD: Red Steel 2 sold 50,000 copies through April 3


Based on NPD figures (via Kotaku), Ubisoft's sequel, Red Steel 2, managed to sell 50,000 copies in its debut month of March -- up until the end of the NPD's catalog period, April 3. Admittedly the game was released at the tail-end of the month on March 23, but we'd still classify the sales as "decent."

A Ubisoft representative broke it down to Kotaku like so: "Considering that the NPD sales only accounted for 12 days on the store shelves and that NPD doesn't include all retailers we are looking forward to a complete month of sales data to see where we stand." We're anxious to see how it'll do in April and suggest you sheathe your "it's on Wii so it won't sell" sword until the April NPDs arrive.

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