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Singularity falls in line for a June 29 point of delivery


Last we heard about Singularity, the game got pushed back to an amorphous "June" release date by publisher Activision. Heck, the game's developer, Raven Software, even had to lay off some folks last summer to reflect a lightened workload after the release of Wolverine and Wolfenstein.

But the game popped back up on our radar last night when its latest trailer was shown on GameTrailers TV, complete with a solidified June 29 release date (as Amazon and Gamefly listings previously indicated). If you're into WWII-era alternate realities featuring god-like special abilities, the trailer that we've embedded after the break is right up your alley. If not, well, here are the Wonderpets with a very sewious message.

Update: We've added the trailer above.

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