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Earthworm Jim HD trailer introduces snazzy t-shirts


Rather than posit that, yes, we are obviously the biggest non-arthropod invertebrate fans out there, we'll just point out how neat we think these "I love Jim" shirts are. They can be found, appropriately, in the latest trailer for upcoming digitally distributed HD re-release Earthworm Jim HD. We could use a bit more video from the gameplay department, sure, but what we see looks as good (if not better) than what we last saw last September in screenshots.

The video also introduces a contest for fans of the series that sees five winners being flown to NY to Gameloft's studio for an early chance to check out EJHD on Xbox Live Arcade this May. To enter, interested parties should head over to the Gameloft Facebook page and sign up, write a 500 character or less message on "Jim's wall" explaining your "most memorable moment playing Earthworm Jim" (like that time your brother Charlie slipped a sleeping pill into your chocolate milk so he could play it uninterrupted for four hours straight), and voila ici! The directions also note that the entry period ends on May 2, so we'd suggest you get to it -- right after you check out the trailer we've dropped below the fold.

[Thanks, Gavin Burbidge]

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